Thursday, 22 February 2018

Luna's 3rd Birthday/Adoptionversary!!

Firstly, HAPPY 2018 to all our readers!! Hope you guys had a great new year's day &/or Chinese New Year celebration!

Luna turned 3 on 17 Feb. I have been wanting to try out something I saw on Junskitchen, and what better time to do it than on her birthday?

Decided to simplify the recipe since I'm an amateur :P Used chicken thigh and salmon.

*as Jun mentioned, before making home-cooked food for your pet, do RESEARCH!*

1. Wash the meat
2. Cook the meat (I decided to boil the chicken and steam the salmon. Also cut a small slice of salmon and fried it, for decoration at the end)
3. Chop it up into tiny pieces

(LEFT) Chicken | (RIGHT) Salmon

4. Stuff the meat into the mold and make sure to pack it in tightly so it will hold the shape better (I filled the bottom half with salmon, top half with chicken)

5. Slowly remove the mold from the meat
6. Add the toppings (in my case, the salmon piece I previously fried and the "3" topper)


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Monday, 23 October 2017

Book Recommendation #6!

Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives BetterDo Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better by Tracey Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book has tons of Do-It-Yourself projects that are simple and easy to follow. It touches on the various pets we have in our lives and how to better understand them. The author also introduces us to animals we can find in a backyard or farm setting, giving us tips on how we can live side-by-side peacefully with certain animals that are normally seen as 'pests', usually misunderstood by humans. Also complete with lovely illustrations! I feel that this book could be a good read especially for children and possibly grow into fun bonding experiences with the whole family!

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Book Recommendation #5!

Dead Pets Don't Lie: The Official and Imposing Undercover Report That Exposes What the FDA and Greedy Corporations Are Hiding about Popular Pet FoodsDead Pets Don't Lie: The Official and Imposing Undercover Report That Exposes What the FDA and Greedy Corporations Are Hiding about Popular Pet Foods by Joe Ardis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A very detailed read about the pet food industry. A must-read for pet owners who don't research before buying food for their pets. This will be a real eye-opener, especially for those who buy food based on FDA or AAFCO approved brands.. You realise that AAFCO has no regulatory authority (as stated on their own website, and FDA can't monitor every single pet food.
The book also elaborates on individual ingredients that are harmful for pets, though they are included in the ingredients list of some pet food, how 'by-products' or 'meals' sometimes includes euthanized animals/pets, what to look for when buying pet food, and so much more.

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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Book Recommendation #4!

Greening Your Pet Care: Reduce Your Animal's Environmental Paw-PrintGreening Your Pet Care: Reduce Your Animal's Environmental Paw-Print by Darcy Wintonyk
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A comprehensive guide to going green for pet parents, definitely a must-read.
It provides a greener alternative to almost every aspect of having a pet, D.I.Y projects for pet food, toys and even cleaning products, and so much more! There are also separate sections that go more in-depth for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, mini pigs, birds, reptiles/amphibians and fish care!

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

"PAW-sitive: Interactive Art for Pets" Outing!!

“PAW-sitive: Interactive Art for Pets by Wellness®” was an interactive art exhibition for both dogs and cats, by Wellness and Silversky pets SG!
100% free to enter, but there were limited slots.
We managed to get tickets for the last day AND last time slot :P

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Homemade Dehydrated Treats

Made some homemade dehydrated treats for Skye and Luna!

Since Omni Frozen Food had a August promotion, I decided to purchase the meat from them instead of the supplier I used last year. (S.S.Kim) Response and delivery were prompt, will definitely consider purchasing from them again next time!

Luna seems to really like chicken necks, that was partially why I wanted to order from Omni.

* If you dehydrate raw, please make sure your dehydrator can heat up enough to kill the bacteria in the meat. *

Meat I ordered (as stated on their site) : 

Green Lipped Half Shell Mussel x 1 packet
Fresh Duck Neck x 1KG
Beef Tendon x 2KG
Beef Liver x 300g (free because of promotion)
Pig Kidney x 300g (free because of promotion)
Fresh Chicken Neck x 3KG
Chicken Fillet x 4KG
HGP Free Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless x 2KG
Pork Fillet/Tenderloin x 2KG
Chicken Leg Boneless Skinless x 4KG


Duck Neck + Beef Tendon

Beef Liver + Pig Kidney

Chicken Neck

Chicken Fillet

Pork Fillet

Chicken Leg

My dehydrator actually stopped working when I was dehydrating the tendons, ended up putting half in the oven to bake because I didn't want the meat to spoil. (I had not much space left in the fridge)

Thank God my dad and I managed to get the dehydrator working again. (the inner fan was not oiled)

Not sure why they gave me two different brands of chicken legs...

Also, I didn't realise that this part of the chicken would have so much fats :P Take note if you don't want to spend an hour trimming them off.

This is the final product!! I always store them in the freezer so they last long.

Final Products

This is what each looks like after dehydrating.
I did add apple cider vinegar to the chicken fillets, chicken legs and pork fillet. Just a cap full in a bowl of water to dilute it. (Please make sure your furkid has no reactions to ACV if you are adding it to their treats)

Steps (I take) for making treats:
- Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces (or however big you want it to be)
- Dip the slices into a bowl of diluted apple cider vinegar
- Arrange the slices onto the dehydrator tray
- Dehydrate for a few hours (depends on the meat and your machine settings)
- Store in an airtight bag (include a silica gel packet or store in the fridge/freezer if necessary)

Individual Labelled
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Saturday, 2 September 2017

WARNING to all pet owners, check the food before feeding!


⚠To all pet owners, always mash/cut up the food you buy to make sure there are no foreign objects inside that could harm your pet. ⚠ 

I actually like this brand, the foods are 70% out of proper meat, with no by-products or "meals". Free ranged, grain-free & made in NZ. Out of the 200+ cans I bought at pet expo SG, only this particular can had a huge piece of plastic in the food. 🤔 

I have already emailed the company & their distributor in Singapore, the company has yet to reply (has been a month already), the distributor said they would get back to me after the company replies them. On the ReallyPetFood site, the phone number is the distributor's, so I'm not sure if they are under the same company.  

(I didn't email them for compensation, just want them to acknowledge their mistake & hopefully prevent the same thing from happening again) 

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Playing/attacking freshly washed toys!

Do any of your cats like to grab on to something, and bite while kicking it? :P