Saturday, 26 March 2016

Singapore Pet Expo 2016

My family went for the Singapore Pet Expo 2016 on 25th and 27th March 2016.
This was my second time going for pet expo, so I knew roughly what to expect!

Pet expo is on its 3rd year! Admission tickets were $4 per day, $10 for a 3-day pass. (for this year)
There are lots of things going on during Pet expo. Competitions, races, shows, seminars, workshops, conferences, lots of booths that sell pet food, toys, beds etc! Any pet owner will LOVE pet expo!
Plenty of discounts too! Especially at the last hour on the last day :D

Tip: bring a luggage to expo if you are planning to buy lots of stuff!

Photos and videos from Pet expo and the haul we did!!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Trying out Chew Time's Jumbo Roo Flap

We won a giveaway on instagram and finally got the chance to try out chews from Chew Time SG!
Placed my order on 13 March 2016 (had to pay $1 for postage), and received it on 17 March 2016!


Make sure that you supervise your pets if you give them treats to eat, accidents might happen.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Going out for a walk at ZhengHua Nature Park

Skye always gets excited when we take out her harness and pet bag!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

New app: Pet Widget

I just downloaded this new app "Pet Widget", its an all-in-one app for pet owners. Super easy to use and its available for both Android and IOS!

Home page

My profile :) 
You can add your pets to your profile!

In your pet's individual profile, you can add more information about them such as vaccinations, medical/physical exams, allergies, weight and even contacts to be used in an emergency.

You are able to add friends through your phone contacts and by linking your facebook. The app doesn't allow you to click on another user to see their profile/add them though.

Page 1- categories in 'listings'
Page 2

There are many categories of listings to explore and rate/review. Very useful for pet owners who want to learn more about a place before going. This app is still new in Singapore, so go join and contribute :D

These are some categories in the Pet Talk section of the app. Its like a forum to get help, learn, interact with other owners!

For those who want to be safe, there is an option in the settings to lock location.

This app looks really promising, check it out!

Download the app here!

This is NOT a sponsored post.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016